Margie Haber is an acclaimed acting coach, best-selling author, industry legend, and all-around force of nature. She is each of these--and so much more--for one simple reason: Margie tells it like it is. Margie breaks down barriers, cuts through crap, and doesn't suffer fools. She knows what the industry expects of actors, and she coaches her clients to deliver. Margie's first book, How to Get the Part Without Falling Apart, refashioned the way that performers approached acting and auditioning, and it's now a staple in drama schools and universities around the globe. Margie's clients include the likes of Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Kyle Chandler, Tiffany Haddish, Heather Locklear, Tom Arnold, Mariska Hargitay, Rick Springfield, Sophia Bush, and many, many more celebrated and working actors.

Coming from New York with a no-nonsense attitude, Margie founded the Margie Haber Studio in LA in 1986. Since then she has coached thousands of actors, written best-selling books, and produced film and TV with many of her clients. Her work is known worldwide for "Haber Phrasing," the nuanced language and unique vernacular that Margie created to tell it like it is. Margie is direct, driven, forceful, and at times brutally honest. But her work--and her decades of success--speaks for itself. And her actors love her for it.

"I came to see Margie, worked with her, got a whole bunch of great ideas, and was so prepared to go back. I was going to go get this job and I was gonna knock their socks off because I was so ready."
-- Halle Berry, Academy Award-winning actress